Who will be the next Real Madrid Manager: Guti, Pochettino, Allegri, Wenger, Sarri (Analysis) Pt.2

As of 6th June 2018, Real Madrid CF are still without a coach, however, many interesting developments have come to light which may forecast how the situation may play out.

If it wasn’t obvious before, it’s clear Real Madrid President Florentino Perez has earmarked current Tottemham Hotspur coach Mauricio Pochettino as a future Real Madrid coach. However, the pursuit has reportedly cooled due to hesitance to engage with notoriously tough negotiatior Daniel Levy, the Tottenham Hotpur chairman who just tied Pochettino to a 5 year contract a mere two weeks ago.

Interest in another candidate Juventus coach Massimilano Allegri apparently leaves Madrid at yet another stumbling block. As it has been reported that the recent passing of Allegri’s mother means that in such circumstances there is no possibility of him wanting to uproot from Italy anytime soon. Furthermore, he appears keen to renew his contract at Juventus. This is a huge blow for Madrid as Allegri appears to perfectly fit the profile of a RMCF coach. He’s tactically flexible, has been hugely successful with two other European football powerhouses in Milan & Juve which would provide the capability to manage the characters within the squad, navigate through the politics of a superclub & deal with pressure from the fans.

Should both Tottenham and Juventus retain their coaches this summer, this could mean Madrid will have to appoint one of these three presenting options: former player/Real Madrid Juvenil coach José María Guti, former Napoli coach Maurizo Sarri, and former Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger.

José María Gutiérrez, more commonly known as ‘Guti‘, would represent a huge gamble for a squad that boasts many of the world’s best players, and who could if managed correctly go on to once more retain their Champions League title or retrieve champion status in La Liga. Appointing a coaching novice like Guti, in a desperate attempt to recreate the Zidane success, would in my opinion dramatically lower their chances of doing so. Additionally, Guti, has raised eyebrows in recent years for publically congratulating arch-rivals FC Barcelona on trophy successs & recognising Lionel Messi as the World’s Best as opposed to Cristiano Ronaldo. Given all the above, it would be wise for Perez to cast serious doubt & consideration over appointing Guti as the next Real Madrid Head Coach, however, Guti could learn a great deal a a member of an experienced manager’s coaching staff.

Maurizio Sarri, no longer the SSC Napoli coach, however still contracted to the club is avaiable for hire providing a compensation fee is worked out. For many Madridstas, the appointment of Sarri would bring much excitement & jubilation due to the superb attacking football he has exhibited in the Serie A both at his time in Empoli & Napoli. His tactically intense, eye pleasing, Napoli side finished Serie A last season with an incredible 91 points which was very unfortunate not to win the Serie A, as Juventus pipped them once more to the Scudetto with 95 points.

However, concerns arise firstly with Sarri’s character due to use of reported homophobic & racist language, his preference for casual sportswear & chain smoking of cigarettes in the dugout. Can these behaviours coincide with an institution like Real Madrid CF?

Secondly, will Madrid’s aging superstars be able to adopt & physically implement the tactically complex and intense system that Sarri applies? Thirdly, for all his great football & admirble feats in Italy, Sarri has failed to achieve admirable progress in the Champions League with Napoli, a competion that Madrid is expected to fight for. Consequently, appointing Maurizo Sarri as manager of Madrid is something Perez must cast deliberate very seriously also.

Arriving at our last option, Arsène Wenger, Madrid fans have been very vocal online to express serious disdain at him being linked to the vacancy. Madridstas shouldn’t forget that both current President Florentino Perez & former President Ramon Calderon, albeit 10 years ago, have been huge admirers of the former Gunners manager. His decline & inability to evolve in recent years at Arsenal have led to rather harsh evaluations about his capacity as a coach. Nonetheless, his contributions & achievments in football is not to be understated. Key players in the Madrid locker room like Benzema & Ronaldo have relationships with Wenger dating back to 2003, thus respect from the Madrid superstars is a given.

Personally, I judge the appointment of Guti to be more of a risk than Wenger. However, does Wenger still hold that same repute by Florentino Perez today? Also can the 2018 edition of Wenger ensure Real Madrid major honours?

A short-term appointment is what Madrid must action this summer should Pochettino not be available for a year or two. I feel Arsène Wenger as Head Coach with Guti as his Assistant Coach could not only serve both men well but continue the line of operation Zidane was successful with.

Perez needs to act quick, as the futures of Cristiano, Gareth Bale & peripheral players like Dani Ceballos need to be sorted out. Not to mention possible big money incomings such as Alisson, Courtois & Lewandowski.

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Zinedine Zidane, the next Real Madrid manager & Florentino Perez’s Conundrum

Zinedine Zidane shocked most of the footballing world on Thursday 31st May 2018 by announcing his resignation as Head Coach of Real Madrid CF, despite, just winning his third consecutive Champions League as a coach and still having two years left on his contract.

It was only 5 days ago in Kiev, Ukraine, that Real Madrid & Zidane celebrated their unprecedented 3rd straight Champions League trophy win. Although Madrid failed to defend their La Liga title, (FC Barcelona were crowned champions while fierce city rival Atlético finished second), Madrid had just accompishled a truly historic feat in European football’s most prestigious competition.

Nevertheless, Zidane in Thursday’s press conference cited the failed La Liga title defence as evidence that his tenure has run its course and that a change is needed to maintain this highly successful period.

Florentino Perez clearly exhibited signs of distress during Thursday’s press conference due to already having the concerns of star players Gareth Bale & Cristiano Ronaldo to deal with. Now, top of the agenda, will be finding the right replacement to take over from the hugely successful, iconic figure that is Zidane.

Early candidates mentioned are Tottenham Hotspur’s Mauricio Pochettino, Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp, German national team’s Joachim Low, former players José María Guti/Santi Solari/Michael Laudrup & ex Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.

Joachim Low has categorically ruled out Real Madrid & reaffirmed his focus with the German National Team. Many would expect Jurgen Klopp to do the same & reaffirm total commitment to Liverpool. Italian coaches Maurizio Sarri & Antonio Conte appear to be available this summer however, most likely will not be seriosuly considered as they don’t appear to fit Real Madrid.

Therefore, it’s clear Mauricio Pochettino is the ideal candidate with regards to him being a native Spanish speaker, previous successful experience in Spain with Espanyol and his progress at Southampton & Tottenham which revealed his qualities as one of the most impressive & promising coaches in the game.

What Madrid wants, Madrid usually gets, however, Pochettino just signed a new five year contract at Tottenham Hotsput. Therefore, Tottenham head honcho Daniel Levy is in a position of security. The compensation fee to remove Pochettino of his contract is reportedly a minimum of €50M. Will Florentino Perez pay this much amomgst other financial commitments to current players & potential new signings?

Is the likely scenario that Madrid will have to wait at least a year or two for Pochettino to become available? If so, who will Perez appoint this summer as the Real Madrid coach?

Gamble on another ‘in house’ appointment in Guti or Solari despite being total novices? Maybe another ex player with coaching experience in Michael Laudrup?

I believe Arsene Wenger could present as a suitable interim coach for the next year or two until Pochettino becomes available. Despite ending his Arsenal career finishing 6th, there are very few coaches who possess the experience & ability to deal with the pressures and responsibilities like former Invincible 3 time Premier League & 7 time FA Cup winner Arsene Wenger. Both Florentino Perez & former Madrid president Ramon Calderon have chased Wenger in the past to be Madrid boss but he stayed commited to Arsenal. Could there still be interest in 2018?

Stay tuned for analysis on two fantastic South American coaches I believe Perez should also consider if Pochettino is not acquirable this summer….

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